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New Contributor

Complex PTSD treatment

My partner suffers from complex PTSD and we are struggling to find a therapist who can help him. If there is anyone on here who sees someone good in the Sydney area, can you please let me know?

We are really struggling here.

Thanks in advance


Re: Complex PTSD treatment

Hi @Squizzle and welcome to the forums!

It can be really hard to find someone that you click with and it can be quite a process to get there. As part of our guidelines around anonymity, members can't recommend specific professionals however members that come through here can help offer advice on the ways they went about finding good supports or any organisations they may have used to help find someone.


Keep reaching out, we are all here to help you feel supported in your journey 😊


Re: Complex PTSD treatment

hi @Squizzle and welcome to you
I hope that you've found a good therapist now but ive found
to be quite a helpful site.

Re: Complex PTSD treatment

Thanks for your reply. What types of treatment have worked for you?

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