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Something’s not right


Re: Helplines for carers

thanks @Shaz51 @Smc

yeah things arent very good mentally at my end and so tired but sleep doesnt help.
im doubting myself so much in being a carer, i thought i would get better at being one but i think im getting worse at it. Smiley Sad

Re: Helplines for carers

@outlander, it's wearing. It doesn't matter how much you love the person you care for, there's still times when it gets too much.
I've ended up on DSP for persistent depression, which is the logical end result of repeatedly dealing with problems that don't go away. This is despite supportive family, friends, GP and a psychologist (plus forum...) giving me back-up. And I'm not someone who easily gives in to negative thoughts. (You may have noticed my tendency to find the funny side to things. That's me- I like a laugh. "Persistent Depressive Disorder" sounds like a totally out of character diagnosis. Smiley Frustrated)

So never ever feel bad about getting support, and don't feel like a failure at the times when it gets on top of you. Much more likely that you're a strong person who's been working at their limits for too long. You and (very proabably) all the rest of us here too. xxHeart

Re: Helplines for carers

im just going to move this over to the other thread @Smc

Re: Helplines for carers

@outlander, tag me in. Not sure I'm following your thread.


Re: Helplines for carers

Carers under 30 @Smc my tag musnt have worked yesterday

Re: Helplines for carers

SANE has a webchat in top right hand corner.

Mensline has one too


Re: Helplines for carers

Hey @outlander definitely Carers Aus have a pretty good help centre however it is 9-5 I believe, can check them out state by state here. There's also Carer Gateway, they have that really cool function where you can request a callback as well Heart Although I am unsure if either service have a webchat option. Have you had experiences with either of these services? 

Re: Helplines for carers

thanks @Everan Sane isnt on 7 days a week so was hoping there was another helpline that was open on weekends too

Re: Helplines for carers

thanks @nashy
Im not a fan of phone calls which makes things harder, usually im ok talking to sane but your not open on weekends. I cant contact khl or headspace when it comes to caring roles, they usually have no idea or things jsut get repreated making me more distressed so i needed someone who does actually communicate with carers more.
neither of them have a webchat option unfortunatly but it might link a site that does

Re: Helplines for carers

Hi @outlander 


Have a look at 

They have some virtual-online carer support groups (as well as recovery groups) 

Great organisation

Best of Luck 

For urgent assistance, call: