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Helplines for carers

Does anyone know any helplines that are good for carers that i dont have to call so something  like webchat? 

Sane isnt online and its to hard to ring  so not carers australia? 



@Darcy @Sherry@Shaz51@Appleblossom@Smc@PeppiPatty @Determined@Dec and everyone


Re: Helplines for carers

Sorry @outlander I am not aware of any that you havent already tried.

Re: Helplines for carers

have you left a message for SANE to get back to you @outlander

is there anything we can help with xxx


Re: Helplines for carers

Sorry, no ideas here @outlander. Are you after counselling style support or information-required support or..??
(Only answer that if it's not too confidential!)

Re: Helplines for carers

I dont think i can talk about it here @Shaz51 khl and headspace dont help with things related to caring

Re: Helplines for carers

I kinda need to talk about something @Smc but i dont think i can talk about it here but i dont have anyone else to talk to about how things are or what im needing help with or without getting yelled at anyway.

Re: Helplines for carers

Yeah, I get that.

I talk through a lot of the more personal stuff with the psychologist I see regualrly, although of course she's not available "on call". Can't remember if you're seeing anyone?


Re: Helplines for carers

Im with headspace counselling @Smc or well i will be in feb when i can start the mental health care plan up again.

I might be able to find a way to talk here will just have to find a way to word it. Its hard being a carer sometimes isnt it

Re: Helplines for carers

yes it is @outlander

here for you and hugs xoxo

Re: Helplines for carers

Oooh yeah it's hard. Studies show with unfortunate consistency that carers have the worst stats for physical and mental health. Worse than people on DSP. (Though that includes some of us carers too...).

So all the more important that we stay alert to our own needs too, and do something about meeting them.

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